The Ultimate App for Nordic Skiers.

Skiwise seeks to connect nordic skiers with a vast network of their peers to share trail conditions, trail details and more.

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Trail Reports

View, edit and create trail reports directly from your phone. We feature the ability to subscribe to trails you frequently ski at and be notified when new trail reports are submitted for that trail.

Discover Trails

Discover trails based on location, rating, city and more! View past trail reports and details on the trail system including number of kilometers and ski pass information.

Race Results (Coming Soon!)

Subscribe to upcoming races and get news when price-hikes and signups open. Then, after the race get a push notification when race results are up!

Let us help you ski smarter.

Our goal is to optimize your workout. We want to gear you up with the knowledge to ski on the best days. At the best trails. Every time. By crowd sourcing the creation of trail reports, we hope to establish a community that reflects the amazing community that nordic skiers have already established. Our focus is to bring a high quality communication platform for nordic skiers. And we hope our dedication is shown through our products.

  • Create a new trail report in 30 seconds

    Construct a trail report straight from your phone. We let you include as much or as little details as you'd like. You can attach pictures, report snow conditions, and more!

  • Subscribe to trails and get live updates about their conditions

    View trail reports the second they are posted. In the future we'll even feature push notifications, 24 hour synopsis, certified grooming reports, and a rating system!

  • Always Know The Best Place to Ski.

    Search through all the trails within a certain radius of you. View the most recent trail reports, and the average quality of each trail. You can also view types of skiing offered, kilometers of trails, passes required, and more!

Launch Date Info

Skiwise is looking to release a beta in mid-december. If you want to be included in the beta testing process join our email list to get notified on future updates of the app. We're looking for as many beta testers as possible as it speeds up our development cycle greatly!


Goal Release Date

How Skiwise works?

Skiwise runs on a cloud infrastructure ensuring that your ski reports will always be there. Anytime. We provide a suite of features to iOS and Android users (and soon web users) so they can view the app in a way that looks native to their device. If you're interested about the technology we use to build skiwise, there will be future blog posts on it soon!

  • Install the app

    Soon to be available on the iOS and Google Play store for FREE!

  • Setup your profile

    Create a custom avatar and customize your trail reports to look the way you want them to.

  • Subscribe to a trail system

    Subscribe to your frequent ski spots and instantly start receiving trail reports.

Join our email list to get up-to-date information about our app!

Skiwise is a small development team of avid skiers looking to bring the skiing community together on a new platform. We love feedback, so let us know what you think of the app!